This is a vibrant street market with a variety of stalls selling souvenirs, clothes, accessories and kids toys. Tai Yuen Street Market is the ideal place to do some budget shopping, discover the glory of the buzzing streets of Hong Kong, savour the exquisite taste of local street food and to indulge in an exciting adventure on your holiday.


The street market is located in the Tai Yuen street and runs parallel to a selection of fancy restaurants and the local fish market. The market is open from 9.00 to 19.00.

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The streets are stocked with classic toys manufactured in the country that are exported to most countries in the world. From figurines to dolls to bubble bottles this place has everything your kids may desire.

What else to find
This is also the perfect place to buy cheap souvenirs for your family and loved ones, shop for affordable festive décor and fancy and accessories.

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