Considered as a shopaholic’s paradise Bangkok offers a range of places one could purchase their clothes, shoes, and electronics from.


Asiatique is a night bazaar and the mall has earned it rightful popularity. Here you will find more than 1,500 individual boutiques as well as 40 attractive restaurants located within a massive former warehouse compound

Chao Phraya Shopping Arcade
Are you in search of high-quality Thai products? The shopping arcade at Chao Phraya is a place you could consider visiting. Products that range from silk garments to home furnishings, handbags and art could be found here. Those who are planning a shopping spree can stay close to the shopping mall in a conveniently located hotel such as Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok. Doing so not only makes travelling from your hotel to the Chao Phraya Shopping Arcade and other malls easy; but it will also make it easy for you to explore the many things to see in Bangkok.

OP Place
This well-known shopping attraction is housed within a magnificent neoclassical themed building which will attract the attention of the sightseer. There is plenty of alluring merchandise on offer here, including antiques, Thai silks, carpets, jewellery, and artworks.

Maharaj Mall
This appealing mall is an alluring attraction that is sure to provide visitors with an enjoyable shopping experience. Since this mall features its own pier, you will be able to arrive here via boat, which is sure to be an appealing experience in its own right.

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