The Year 2015 is the 20th Shopping Festival held in Dubai this year. The 2015 Shopping Festival starts from January 2nd and will end on the 2nd of February. Dubai shopping festival is known as the most popular and largest shopping festival in the world. Many tourists from all over the world attend the festival to enjoy tax free shopping. There are nearly 20 million tourists attending the shopping festival. The Dubai festival offers a wide range of activities for all ages and great many deals and discounts to people. The shoppers will get up to 75% discounts from the shops included in the shopping festival. Tourists can enjoy fashion shows, children’s events, music concerts, raffle draw and many more at the festival. The malls in Dubai are very active during the time of Dubai shopping festival, there are over 2500 shopping outlets taking part in the festival. There are up to nearly 6000 Retail outlets at the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Mackinnons Travels is a premier travel Agent in Sri Lanka. It is one of the best Travel agents to organize a shopping vacation in Dubai. Mackinnons Travels is one of the leading Sri Lanka travel agents specialized in business travel and leisure travel products. They offer a wide variety of services including Air ticketing, Group / Package Tours, Hiring of Tourist vehicles, Facilitation of visa, passport , visas, Reserving Accommodation Facilities and Travel Insurance.

Dubai Festival is a place there are various items at a reasonable rate and of high quality. Sporting events are also held during the time of shopping festival. Tourists can also find carnivals, international concerts, desert camp, park events, and carpet oasis. The malls in Dubai and Dubai souks will attract people by offering amazing gifs through daily draws during the Dubai shopping festival. There are many prizes that are offered through draws every day which ranges from luxury cars to kilos of gold. Half kilo of gold is offered to a winner daily through a draw, and three kilos of gold is offered on the final day of the Dubai shopping festival.

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