The French Concession area of Shanghai is a fascinating glimpse into classical European culture nestled within the bustling throng of modern China. It is home to the labyrinthine arts and culture enclave known as Tian Zi Fang, which is worth visiting when one is in the city. Shanghai visitors should invest in a quality Shanghai city hotel to make the most of their stay here. The Millennium Hongqiao Hotel Shanghai is a quality Shanghai hotel with a central location and plush modern amenities for the perfect base from which to explore Shanghai’s intriguing sights. A visit to the iconic and historic Tian Zi Fang must top the list of your itinerary. It emanates a unique allure from the variety of quaint craft stores, quirky coffee shops, chic art studious and winding, narrow alleys that evoke Europe’s cobblestone pathways. It also features the Shikumen style of architecture, which is a mixture of western and eastern elements that gained popularity in the late 1800s. So come and take a walk in one of the most fascinating locales in Shanghai. Peruse some trendy art offerings, browse through the various shops and when you’re craving a bite, indulge in a coffee and croissant at the dainty French bistros dotting the strip. Tian Zi Fang will transport you in time and space while retaining its authentic Chinese roots, so take a walk down Tian Zi Fang to enhance any visit to the city.

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