Mongkok is one the busiest market places in Hong Kong and you can shop here for anything from clothing to shoes, jewellery, electronics and what not. Here’s how to shop right when in Mongkok.

Plan Your Shopping Trip Well Ahead

Mongkok is one of the most crowded and residential areas but don’t let this freak you out for this part of Hong Kong really deserves a visit as this makes for the best shopping. When you plan your trip, be sure to book a place that’s within easy reach so that you can save time and money on travelling to and fro. There are plenty of hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong such as the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong that are but just minutes away from popular shopping destinations like the Ladies Market and Sai Yeung Choi Street.

The Ladies Market Tung Choi Street

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The Ladies Market is stuffed full of clothing, cosmetics, handbags, lingerie, costume jewellery, home furnishings, travel goods and trinkets.

Sai Yeung Choi Street

File:Kowloon Sai Yeung Choi Street 2.jpg

Famed for consumer electronics, cosmetics, clothes and discount book stores became two streets when a police station was built in the middle of it. However, the natives continue to treat it as a single street.

Yuen Po Bird Garden

Located near Mongkok Stadium visitors can get a glimpse into the traditional hobby of songbird keeping. In addition to songbirds, there are bird cages in all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes, bird feeders, water bowls and bird food.

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