For a basic yet exciting shopping experience in Auckland, visit the Silo Market; Auckland’s most popular market experience. Day in and day out, the Silo Market is swamped with people. It is like the hub of products sold at excellent market prices. When you visit the Silo market, you will melt in all the goodies you find here; pretty much everything and anything you imagine can be found here at the Silo Market.

The Silo Market is made up of a number of simple and basic stalls where you can find an array of products. Some focus on food, even vegetables and other food products and others focus on clothes, accessories, shoes and what not. The Silo market has a lively and vibrant atmosphere about it. Over and above the muffled chatter of happy shoppers you would hear the booming voice of street performers giving you their best shows. And that is not all; you get other performances and contemporary artists giving you a wholesome and fun experience at the Silo Market. Occasionally you may even come across some of their surprises; something not expected in other markets. For family and friends, the Silo Market is the best place to visit to enjoy an afternoon full of fun stuff and free entertainment.

The Silo Market also has particular days where they specialize in particular products. On Fridays there is an active night market which kicks off at 5pm. On this night food is a big specialty and there are a number of food stalls available. There is a Silo Park Bar with fantastic cocktails and a very hip and happening DJ. On Saturdays from 12 to 6 there is a unique mix of vintage clothing food stalls and some of the finest street performances can also be enjoyed on this day.

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