Hong Kong, in addition to many things, is an ideal place to do some shopping, and the best places to do so are the various street markets that are iconic of the sprawling metropolis.

What is Jardine’s Crescent?
Although the name might sound obscure and enigmatic, Jardine’s Crescent is a famous street market that is situated between Sogo and Times Square. It is closeby to many a Wanchai Hotel such as the Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong.

The Ideal Ladies’ Market

Jardine’s Crescent is definitely a woman’s Valhalla, and features a range of delightful products to cater to any woman’s needs encompassing clothing, stockings, fashionable watches, and a massive range of accessories.

What Else is There?
Interestingly, if one were to wander towards the end of the market, it will wondrously transform into a completely different entity, selling fresh flowers, and even vegetables. There are also a variety of shops that specialise in children’s items.

Be Sure to Take a Local
Despite being a famous marketplace, Jardine’s Crescent might not be one that is most accustomed to cater to tourists. Therefore, in order to gain the best possible experience, its best to go with someone who is familiar with the ways of the marketplace.

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