The tiny island nation of Sri Lanka has much to offer when it comes to gorgeous beaches, wildlife, food, culture, and shopping. Combing the former and the latter is a charming town in the south of Sri Lanka called Beruwala. Find out what a shopping trip in the beautiful, beach town in Beruwala is like.

Beruwala is located within 2 hours distance from Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. The easiest path to Beruwala is through the Southern Expressway. Once you get there, finding a good Sri Lanka resort is not a difficult task. There’s the Cinnamon Bey Beruwala situated by the beach, just 10 minutes away from the town. Once you’re got all the particulars of travel and accommodation settled down, it’s time to put a sunhat and some rubber slippers on and begin your shopping excursion!

First up, is the Monday Market, which as the name suggests is only open on Mondays. This is where you can buy everything from clothing to fruits and vegetables. Make sure to buy those cute elephant print pants that are a quintessential clothing item when travelling in Sri Lanka. You can also find a few craft items to take back home as souvenirs. The Monday Market is an ideal place to put your bargaining skills to use.

Being a beach town, fresh seafood is not hard to find here and the best place to go fish shopping is at the Beruwala Fish Market. However, this is not for the faint-hearted nor the squeamish as you will be met with loud noises and unpleasant ‘fishy smells’. But for those who really love seafood, its well worth the trip. The ideal time to go would be during the early hours of the morning when the fishermen bring in the catch.

Finally, it’s time to shop for some bling. Sri Lanka is famous for its stunning gems and Beruwala has, for many years, produced many famous gem traders and cutters. As a result, the Pathe gem market in Chinafort, Beruwala is one of the best places to go shopping for some gems.

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