Melbourne is one of Australia’s major metropolitan hubs and is the capital of the country’s state of Victoria. Like many other urban meccas, the city is full of opportunities for the avid shopper, from upscale department stores and ultra-luxury brand-name outlets selling exclusive designer wear to bargain wear retail chains and corner shop thrift stores. If you are holidaying with the family in Melbourne, while it may be nice to splurge and treat every member of the family to designer wear, we all know that for most of us, vacations can get expensive enough as it without the added burden of indulging in expensive shopping sprees, especially when factoring in the costs of local or international transport and Melbourne family accommodation. There’s no need to worry, however. If you are in need of bargain clothing during your time in Aussie, here are a few places you can check out.

Factory outlets of renowned brands are always a good bet for cost effective clothing, no matter what country you are in. Head to Collingwood’s Smith Street which is nestled between Alexandra Parade and Johnson Street around a ten-minute drive away from accommodation options such as Oaks On Market. Here you fill find yourself amidst factory outlets of global brands such as Converse, Adidas and much more. For hair-raisingly thrifty deals, head to a store by the retail chain Clear iT which often has clothes that have had over hundreds of dollars slashed off their original sale prices. Clear iT also has a dizzying selection of clothes and fashion accessories of all kinds, ranging from your everyday pair of jeans to party dresses, belts, handbags and hats. Although a trip to one of the Clear iT stores is highly unlikely to break the bank, it is likely to zap away all your time, as you rummage around all the different discount racks and bins in search of the best deals to scoop up!
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