When you are in Hong Kong and don’t go shopping, then you’ve made a huge mistake. What’s worth shopping in Wan Chai? Read on and know why.

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Electric Cool

If you are looking for mid-century modern furniture, homewares, and jewellery, Electric Cool will be an ideal choice to count on. It is a prominent furniture shop that provides interior design solutions for homes and commercial spaces. You will find popular international brands such as HAY, Normann Copenhagen and GUBI. Diverse and attractive deals await you!

Fine leather goods

Wan Chai is popular for some of the finest leather goods. Henry Cuir is the perfect spot to catch the latest trends of hand-stitched leather. This shop showcases finely crafted products like leather handbags and leather jackets. These handcrafted products are all about unique craftsmanship. As the locals call it “every piece is a labour of love”. Henry Cuir is often crowded with ladies who adore fashionable leather handbags.

Where to stay

For tourists who visit Wan Chai for shopping can find plenty of accommodation options including many a Wan Chai boutique hotel the likes of Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong within easy reach to numerous shopping malls and boutiques.

Uber Tunique

Once visited this shop you will not leave empty handed! There is a wide array of jewellery, feminine chic leather accessories, and tableware. The architectural designs displayed in each product suggest a new form of luxury.

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