The island of Sri Lanka has an incredible culture that has formed out of the island’s rich heritage. Advanced civilisations have existed in Sri Lanka even before the 1st century and aspects of these cultures are still reflected in modern Sri Lanka Art. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful tropical nation, be sure to visit one of many places where you can experience the beauty of its cultural creative works. There are various places to choose from such as the Sri Lankan Art Gallery.

When it comes to sculpture and painting, the nation’s creative influences stem from Indian culture. During the 3rd century, Buddhism arrived in Sri Lanka from India and in a short while had a profound impact and influence over the inhabitants of the island. Despite the strong influence, the style of Sri Lankan sculpture and painting is very unique, and each of the various kingdoms had their own artistic identity.

The architecture of Sri Lanka has profoundly diverse influences emanating from a variety of sources. Some of the earlier architectural works had Buddhist and Hindhu influences. As history went on and the colonial times began, distinctive European influences made their way to the nation. These unique buildings can be seen all over the island with Dutch influences towards the north and British influences within Colombo and the Hill Country.
One of the most unique artistic expressions Sri Lanka has to offer is through the various handicrafts that are present in any traditional or cultural store. Most of these visually stunning works stem from rural sources that utilise raw and humble ingredients to create beautiful works of art. Ivory and tortoise-shell handicrafts used to be fairly common on the island but have now become illegal to produce.

Exploring the artistic culture of Sri Lanka is bound to be extremely fulfilling so if you find yourself on this majestic island, be sure to take the time to do so.

The Sun God Soorya Agni Chathuranga

Img Src. Sri Lankan Art Gallery- The Sun God Soorya Agni Chathuranga

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