Paramatta is an unsung suburb of Western Sydney. It’s a major commercial hub and is also teeming with excellent retail opportunities from mega-malls to farmer’s markets. Read on to find out where you can shop like a local in this suburb.

Central Stays

Whether you’re in town for work or play, make sure you stay in the best hotel in Parramatta based on your budget and the length of your stay. With so much to see and do stay in a central hotel such as PARKROYAL Paramatta to be in the midst of the excitement.

Mega Mall!

Westfield Sydney | Image via Wikimedia Commons 

The Westfield in Paramutta is one of Sydney’s premier shopping destinations. It’s a one-stop hub for not just shopping but dining, entertainment, and some relaxation too. Peruse through countless stores, which are all conveniently housed under vert large roof.

Quirky Store

If you’re looking for a “model” something or the other, look no farther than Berg’s Hobbies. They’ve been around for over 6 decades and are an absolute haven for those who collect model items. From miniature trains, aeroplanes, or even radio control, this store has it all and is a mere two minutes from the main Paramutta railway station.

Home of Vinyl

If you’re always on the lookout for quality vinyl or know someone who is, Beatdisc Records is the record store for you! They also house rare music memorabilia along with new and used vinyl records. The store carries over 7,000 titles over a variety of local and international genres so head over to start your Vinyl collection.