Be you a shopaholic or looking for casual retail therapy, shopping in Guangzhou will not disappoint and here’s a quick guide on what’s on offer.

Image credit: gonghuimin468 via pixabay | CC0

Shopping Malls

There are plenty of malls to choose from including the one at the International Commercial Centre (ICC), an integrated development home to Ascott ICC Guangzhou as well. More shopping awaits at the luxury mall at the CTF Finance Centre, while also popular are the TeeMall, China Plaza, Grandview Mall and Mall of the World which is located underground.

Shopping Streets

The lively shopping streets, within easy reach of luxury apartments Guangzhou has to offer in the city’s central axis, let you soak up local culture too. Beijing Road is amongst the most well known with plenty of vendors selling clothing, souvenirs and more. At night, head to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street home to shops, department stores and Cantonese restaurants.

Local Markets

There are many retail and wholesale markets in Guangzhou. Those after the latest tech gadgets should visit the Gangding Computer and Digital Product Shopping Circle, while Baima Garment Market is a popular wholesale market for clothing. Also, of note are Xiguan Antique Street, the Qingping Medicine Market and Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre.

What to Buy

As you may have guessed, you will be spoilt for choice when shopping. If you’re looking to take back some unique mementoes of your trip, consider buying exquisite jade ornaments or jewellery as well as Cantonese embroidery and woodcarving. Don’t forget to purchase some local tea and yummy Cantonese snacks like moon cakes!