Black is undoubtedly a bold colour. It makes a statement and calls attention instead of searching for it. It is a colour that never goes out of style and is a go-to choice for many people, particularly women.

It has significant meaning

Black clothes

Black clothes | Image via flickr

Every colour has a meaning and says something about someone. Black oozes confidence and independence, making it a number one choice for girls. Additionally, it makes a girl feel attractive, sexy, reliable and intelligent. This versatile colour can make a woman stand out in appearance and personality.

Goes with anything

Perhaps one of the top reasons girls pick black is its ability to match anything in their wardrobe. Many stores, such as Nils Store, feature a range of ladies’ black clothing on their racks for this purpose. Girls don’t have to fret over which accessories go best with black. Anything goes.

Suits all skin tones

Tan, white, yellow, dark or pale, whatever your skin tone, black contrasts well against them all. Black is unique in that it brings out any skin complexion and makes you look great.

The go-to for formals

When in doubt about formal, lounge, semi-casual, or even themed events, stick to black; you can’t go wrong.

Brings out your figure

Another top reason girls prefer black is its ability to highlight any figure. Whether you’re tall, short, or medium-sized, black accentuates a person’s physique. Black makes you look slim and chic.