If you are someone who adores skyscrapers, you surely crave to see the world from the top of Burj Khalifa- the tallest building on Earth. It’s in Dubai and there are some interesting things that you ought to know about this attraction.

Image by zauber2011 from Pixabay

The notable facts

Did you know that the tallest building in the world before the Burj Khalifa is Taipei 101? Burj Khalifa is 2717 ft in height which is 1046 ft taller than the Taipei 101. It’s located in downtown Dubai making it easier for travellers staying at any hotel near Palm Jumeirah the likes of Avani Palm View Dubai to access.

The history

The construction project of Burj Khalifa commenced in January 2004 which continued until October 2009. It was declared open to the general public a year later.

Observation decks

There are several observation decks here built on different floors. You find two on the 124th and 125th levels and another on the 148th level. They have different pricing schemes for tickets.

Other attractions to explore

Are you a fan of musical fountains? Then do not miss out on the Dubai Fountain. It’s the best when viewed from At The Top observation decks (the highest ones).