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What are the things you should look for when choosing the “right” storage space, apart from the affordability of course?


Keep your valuables safe
If you are living or moving to Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo, there are bound to be times when circumstances arise that you will need much space. In such instances finding a storage space for rent is a great option. Companies like STORE4U.LK also offer convenient online flexibility for you to choose short-term storage that meets your needs.


Value Added Services
If you decide to go with a reputed warehouse provider in Colombo your company has the benefit of acquiring the value added services on offer. These smart solutions provide quick, easy and efficient services such as packing, labelling and bundling for your goods at multi-user warehouses.


Business Self Storage
This facility is for excess stocks from office; it is not an industrial level solution for produced goods and packaging. Instead, the small scales commercial self-storage facility for business purposes allows you to free up office space by storing files and other knick knacks which can be easily accessed when the need arises.


Warehouse Designing and Operational Planning
The ideal solution to all on-site warehousing problems, this service taps into the vast knowledge available with your warehouse solutions provider in Colombo. On offer is an extensive service that covers designing, developing and operating a gamut of warehouse projects.






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