Dubai is renowned throughout the world for its glamorous nature and as a Valhalla of sorts for only the mightiest of shoppers. The mightiest of shops in Dubai however, might just be in Karama.


The residential district of Karama is part of the older area of the city, and is situated very close to Dubai Creek. It is a thriving shopping destination, home to a variety of experiences ranging from authentic souks to more modern examples of emporiums.

Karama Shopping Complex

This is one of the most renowned places to shop in all of Dubai, although it’s become a bit more of an exclusive destination known only to the most informed shoppers who like to explore off the beaten path. There are 319 shops here selling everything from inexpensive souvenirs to clothes, toys and various jewellery and luxury items that are quite expensive.

Street Art

The Karama Shopping Complex is quite famous for the street that is present in the area, such as 24 massive murals that were recently added to a total of 12 buildings by artists local and international, mostly the latter.

The Best Prices

The Karama Shopping Complex is almost notorious for selling the same products available at more renowned malls for much lower prices, closed to the original value. If you’re vacationing at holiday apartments Dubai has to offer, such as Oaks Liwa Heights, you might wish to conduct your shopping here.



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