The Suan Plu Market is nestled in the middle of Suan Plu, which is a very busy road that is technically Satom Soi 3. This market is known very well for their liveliness. There is an old community living around here in the small Sois off Suan Plu, as well as young crowds and students. Many of them are visiting and keeping the Suan Plu Market alive and busy. The market is hidden in tiny Sios just opposite Sios 8 and when you drive in to this dark alleys, you immediately reach the actual market. Anantara Bangkok Sathron is a luxury Sathron Hotel Bangkok. This hotel is located within close proximity to the Suan Plu Market and shopping malls and a variety of restaurants. The hotel is also located on the edge of Bangkok’s business district. It is ideal for both leisure and business travelers, and guests can enjoy this fantastic location with incredible par anomic views across the downtown city.

The Suan Plu Market is commonly frequented by locals who buy their fresh meat, fish, vegetables and many other household items. There are numerous street vendors opposite this market. After a good walk around the market, you can enjoy a bowl of super tasty 35 baht only noodles which are famous in Thailand.

There is a newly renovated part of the market where fresh produce are offered. Starting in the wee hours of the morning, fresh meat, fresh vegetable and fish are sold, but most of these shops are closed around mid-day. Most of the shops that are located at the back of the market, sell many things such as shoes, clothes and toys. There are also many commercial services like hair dressing and tailoring offered at the market. Small street vendors offer many street food favorites and cater to the neighborhood. The Suan Plu Market is a great place to pick up flowers and is a good way to get better acquainted with the city and their people.

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