consumer electronics a couple of decades ago today the city is the cutting edge of fashion and style. Singaporeans love to flaunt the latest styles in clothing and in order to fuel this desire designers from all over the world have set up outlets. Many of these trendy boutiques can be found along Orchard Road, which has been the Mecca for avid shoppers in Singapore for a very long time.


Orchard Road is lined not only with up market designer boutiques and exclusive clothing outlets but also some of the country’s largest and most popular shopping malls are located here. For many a traveler their visit to Singapore would not be complete with out at least a couple of days shopping on Orchard Road which some Singaporeans consider to be analogous to the famed Rodeo Drive due to the variety of shops and entertainment venues that are available.

Orchard Road takes it name from the fact that many of the country’s spice orchards predominantly nutmeg and pepper were located here, the first shop to be established here was Tangs in 1934 and since that day Orchard Road has not looked back, its retail outlets growing exponentially.

Tanglin Mall which is popular among the young Singaporeans and expatriates is a great place to stop for a bite to eat; the gourmet food court here features many different types of local and international cuisine. Orchard Central is a modern shopping mall which is easily identified by its distinctive architectural style. Inside the mall there a variety of shops peddling everything from clothes to antiques but it is worth a visit to just see the modern art collection and try your hand at climbing the indoor wall which is the tallest Via Ferrata climbing wall in the world.

Shopping on Orchard Road is an experience that is not only limited to your retail purchases, it is an attack on all your senses as the bright lights, the beautiful streets, the mouthwatering smells and an inherent sense of adventure awaits you, staying at an Orchard Road Hotel Singapore such as Orchard Hotel Singapore gives you a chance to experience this. Staying at a Hotel Singapore close to this great entertainment district promises a fun filled vacation that will not be forgotten.