The Cheongdam Dong Fashion Street is a street in Cheongdam Dong, Seoul that is popular for shopping; earning comparisons to popular retail streets from around the world. Cheongdam Dong is a part of Gangnam-gu and is an area frequented by the affluent segment of society. The Cheongdam Dong Fashion Street is where major upscale international brands such as Cartier, Prada and Louis Vuitton, make their home in Seoul. In addition to major international brands one can also find boutiques with works from popular local designers such as Son Jung Wan and Martin Margiela. If one is looking for designer items, this is the best place to go in Seoul.

The street, sometimes dubbed ‘the Cheongdam Dong Street of Luxury Goods’, is less than a kilometre long but is definitely a one stop shopping centre as one can find almost anything here. In general, the staff at the stores here can be relied on to provide warm and friendly service. In addition to shops, the area is home to plenty of cafes and restaurants, where one can grab a bite to eat after some shopping. There are also plenty of beauty salons here. These beauty salons are frequented by the local celebrities and one can count on excellent service.

Seoul is a major metropolis and the capital of South Korea. It is a city of contradictions, with those contradictions often existing side by side. On the streets, trendy, upscale restaurants compete with street vendors; skyscrapers built using cutting edge modern technology are located in the same neighbourhood as historic buildings; and serene Buddhist temples can be found everywhere as a stark contrast to the city’s edgy, rambunctious nightlife. To truly enjoy the place one must embrace all its contradictions and eccentricities.

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