Home to a plethora of exquisite boutique shops, food stalls and even a variety of flagship stores, Kowloon is the ideal place to unleash the ultimate shopper in you! Read on to know more about places you could shop to your heart’s content in Kowloon.

The Temple street night market

Looking for the ideal place to buy souvenirs and reasonably priced electronic goods? Then the Temple street night market must be your best bet. Located at close proximity to Kowloon Mongkok hotel properties the likes of Silka West Kowloon this is also one of the most easily accessible markets in Kowloon.

Harbour City

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, The Harbour city is an expansive mall which is home to a plethora of casual and branded boutique shops that specialises in selling clothes, accessories and electronic devices. The mall also houses a number of cafes and eateries where you could find scrumptious food.

1881 Heritage

Buil in the 1800s as the name suggests, the 1881 Heritage is one of the oldest buildings in Kowloon region. The building and the precinct are composed of a number of showrooms of top brands and offers a tranquil atmosphere for people to just sit and relax.


Elements is an expansive contemporary shopping mall located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. What sets this mall apart from many other conventional malls in the region is the fact that it is composed of five regions each resembling one of the five elements of nature. That is wind, water, fire, metal and earth.

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