Booming as a tourist central , Bali , is not only famous for its endless beaches but also a lot more. Seminyak Beach Resort is one of the busy resorts in the island and this is where most tourist make their way to. Being filled with tourist there is no short supply of shopping options in Seminyak. A highly recommended place to stay in Seminyak according to past travelers views would be Alila Seminyak , flatteringly new beach resort that offers comfortable accommodation to it’s guests. Offering panoramic views of the Indian Ocean the resort has been a recent favorite.

The mix of tourist coming to the island calls for any holiday essential : Shopping. Seminyak is not an exception when it comes to this. Seminyak has many designer boutiques to pick from and is home to many famous global brands. Some of the major surf brands stores can be found here. There are also a range of small shops that can be found here which stretch across Jalan Raya Seminyak. Jalan Laksmana on the other hand houses many fashionable boutiques for the fashion savvy soul.

Among some of the big names in the Bali when it comes to fashion are Biasa Bali ,One of the famous Bali based designer brands is the one stop shop to get your tropical wardrobe in place. One of the highlight features of the label are the materials they use, high quality soft cotton to help cope with the weather in this part of the world.

Jemme jewelry is any jewelry lover’s dream come true, with its store in Seminyak the store sells gold and silver jewelry studded with precious and semi precious stones.

Kody & Ko is an excellent stop if your after high end home ware , their contemporary style has been a mega hit with most tourist who want to take back a little piece of Bali back home.

However Bali is also not short of small street stores to find a cheape alternatives !

Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.