Looking to get in some retail therapy by owning the hottest trending items? Well here’s a peek into what will likely be the most in-demand products of 2019!

Image Credit-Pixabay,stocksnap,CC0

Next-Gen Smartphones

With each passing year, the smartphone industry is being revolutionised. Be you online shopping in Sri Lanka or America, the latest smartphones including the iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Huawei Y6 Pro will no doubt top the ‘must have’ lists. Tip; await the release of the newest foldable smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X!


As travelling the world becomes more popular, so too do GoPro devices. Available at online sites like Clicknshop, the newest generation of GoPro offers everything from better stabilisation to stunning 4K videos. Tip; check out the GoPro HERO range.

Virtual Reality Headsets

No longer something you only see in sci-fi movies, virtual reality headsets connected to smartphones have become more affordable and offer immersive games and experiences that are literally out of this world! Tip; the new Oculus Go offers a standalone virtual reality headset as well.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are all the rage and this trend will undoubtedly continue through 2019 be it using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Linked not just to your smartphone but smart homes too, these devices are powering the “smart” revolution. Tip; options to consider include Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo Dot, Bose Home Speaker 500 and JBL Link 20.

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