Ginza is a famous shopping district in the booming city of Tokyo. Annually large number of tourist visit the area to get hold of some of the best of shopping. Due to it’s popularity numerous tourist accommodation have grown around the area. Serviced apartments in Tokyo are becoming a very popular choice among the modern day tourist , among which a popular choice has been Somerset Azabu East Tokyo, are self contained apartments suitable for both the business traveler as well as the families. The location of the apartments are ideal to access most parts of the city.

Ginza is one of the most expensive real estates in Tokyo and is home to the most upscale brands. World’s top fashion and cosmetic names can all be found few meters apart in Ginza. Ginza is also home to the infamous $ 10 coffee ! Even though Ginza is viewed as an up market shopping destination even some of the lesser exclusive brands have launched stores in Ginza to add to the brand value of having a store in Ginza. Ginza shopping extends on a one kilometer stretch of Chuo-Dori or Central Avenue and with various other little streets branching out from it.

Some of the department stores found here are the Mitsukoshi Department store which is one of the most iconic stores in the district with twelve floors rising above ground and four floors underground. Matsuzakaya Department Store is another one of the department stores in Ginza and has a specially dedicated Vintage section as well. Matsuya is another department store in Ginza since 1925 and mainly houses womens clothing in its 7 floors.

Not only do locals patronize Ginza but also many international travelers come to Ginza for shopping. It is regarded as one of Asia’s best shopping districts.

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