Visiting Hong Kong offers tourists many areas of interest such as its own unique look and feel, with a touch of both East and West. The city is teeming with life and activity with a keen business district and financial sector popular among business travellers. There is a myriad of hotels, eating houses, pubs and clubs for the travellers to enjoy.

For shopping excursions, Hong Kong has many malls offering luxury, branded goods. Yet, for bargains many visitors to the city find the Causeway Bay in Hong Kong the first stop. The bay is a large street area with an array of family owed and independent shops catering from electronic items to clothes to souvenirs. In fact, succumbing to a smooth talking shop owner is one element to look out for; especially the tailoring shops that turn out exquisitely crafted clothing. More contemporary and even quirky fashion for the younger generation can also be seen at Causeway Bay, thus many of Hong Kong’s young and chic can be seen browsing these shops.

Getting to the Bay is convenient, with a direct subway route and station. Most of the shops stay open past 10PM which is also great for some late night shopping.

Other interesting attractions near Causeway Bay would be the Victoria Park. This would be the Hong Kong’s main breathing space with many residents making best use of the park by walking, jogging on the paths, partaking in Tai Chi classes and just enjoying each other’s company on the well maintained lawns. The Noon Day Gun would be another remnant of Hong Kong’s colonial past. Facing the Excelsior Hotel, this canon has been fired at noon since the turn of the 19th century.

When planning a visit to Hong Kong, the Cosmo Hotel is one superb option for accommodation. The hotel is decked in chic, vibrant colours such as pastel yellows and orange. This 4 star hotel Hong Kong brings in a good crowd in the evenings to its Nooch Bar and is quite impressive in keeping its guests entertained. The Cosmo is a Causeway Bay Hotel complete with grand views of the skyline, good dining and hospitality.