While the streets of Paris, London and New York are renowned for its high style and as capitals of fashion across the world, only a limited community of people can actually afford to purchase and enjoy such attire. When staying in a hotel such as the Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi’an in the Republic of China, however, many of the latest fashions can be found for a fraction of the price for, intriguingly, though most clothing is designed in the west, it is the east that produces them in large quantities. Therefore, it would be a shame to return home without some must purchase items while residing in a service apartment Xian.

One such item is a replica of the Terracotta Warriors. Fondly known by many Chinese as the Eighth World Wonder, Terracotta Warrior replicas would be an ideal souvenir to remember your Chinese tour by. Given that replicas are made in small sizes, these are easy and light to carry and will make excellent gifts for friends. Xian embroidery also makes for an excellent souvenir for it is colourful and intricate. Made by skilled personnel, embroidery items in Xian covet varied patterns of clear images and items that can be purchased range from cushions and pillow covers to table cloths and other types of souvenirs. While paper-cutting may sound simple, it scarcely is so and is a well known and beloved folk art in China. As the colour of paper used for this is often red as it symbolises good wishes, it makes for an excellent gift for a loved one back home.

In terms of sampling food, it would be a shame to pass on a Demaogong Crystal Crisp Cake. While the cake itself appears crystal, it tastes delicious and is actually crisp when consuming. Made by harnessing special skills and with special ingredients, the Demaogong Crystal Crisp Cake is a must have when in Xian.

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