A visit to Oman is an exceptional journey, with its unique culture and architecture. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for local, international or traditional products, Muscat’s numerous shopping destinations have got you covered! Here are a few for you to consider dropping into.

Muttrah Souq

Muttrah Souq | Image Credit : Shawn Stephens from Houston, TX, United States of America, Muttrah Souq, CC BY 2.0

Muscat Grand Mall

This two-story mall has two sides to it; a modern side and a traditional Arabic souk on the other side. With over 150 retail stores, a food court, three cinemas and a children’s entertainment area. Only a 5-minute car ride from accommodations such as Somerset Panorama Muscat, the second floor of this mall offers you gorgeous sea views!

Oman Avenues Mall

Located in the heart of Muscat, Oman Avenues Mall is one of the most popular malls you’ll find in the country! In this mall, you’ll find famous international and regional brands among its 150 stores. Doesn’t matter which accommodation in Muscat, Oman you’re staying at – this mall is conveniently located, making it quite easy to get to.

Muttrah Souk

One of the oldest souks found in the Arab world, this souk is a top must-visit tourist attraction. Stretching within the city of Muttrah, the souk was built following traditional Arabic architecture. Walk through the dimly lit, narrow alleyways and allow yourself to get lost in the maze of tiny shops selling intricate items.

Nizwa Souk

Located within the walls of Nizwa fort, this souk is pretty to look at as the architecture is a combination of contemporary and ancient. Local and traditional Omani products are what you’ll find in this souk!

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