In Phnom Penh, you will come across both malls and markets. It’s an ideal place to go souvenir shopping during your stay at a Phnom Penh accommodation such as the Somerset Norodom Phnom Penh.

Image credit-Unsplash,Marcus Loke,CC0

Cash or Credit Card

Many shopping malls do accept VISA cards; however, do keep in mind that markets and other local shops will only accept cash.

A Great Place to Shop – AEON Mall

Here, one may find a big food court on the topmost floor alongside a fancy entertainment complex including a karaoke lounge, cinema, bowling, and ice skating. It’s a great place to escape the heat of Cambodia as well.

For Amazing Architecture – Shop at the Central Market

Built by the Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann, Central Market is a yellowish building that features a 26-metre high central dome. The building is worth taking a look at, even if you’re not there to shop for knick-knacks.

Tips to Shop in Phnom Penh

Don’t forget to take both Dollars and Cambodian Riels when you go shopping in Phnom Penh. And make sure that you always check your change as some vendors might try to take advantage of your unfamiliarity with their currency.