Your life needs a little bit of sparkle in it, so don’t hesitate to make a visit to the gem market in Chanthaburi.

Gem, Amethyst, Semi Precious Stone

Chanthaburi Province is situated to the East of Thailand, bordering Cambodia and the shore of the Gulf of Thailand. This is the centre for gem mining from where the up and running gem market had originated.

Closeby Attractions
Your visit to Chanthaburi doesn’t have to be solely for gem trading purpose. There are many¬†attractions in Soi Dao, which are close by that you can visit while enjoying the comforts of one of the fine resorts in the area like¬†Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao.

Gem Market
This is one of the most colorful gem markets in the world, offering all types of gems ranging from rubies and sapphires to garnets, tourmalines, emeralds, and citrines. The market gets extremely busy over the weekends, quite in contrast to the week days. Originally the gems that were traded came from Chanthaburi itself, but now dealers from around the world bring their possessions here to be traded for a fair price.

Bargaining at the Market
The competition and diversification at Chanthaburi gem market are so high, that there will be a wide range of prices offered for the gems in trade. You can see a lot of bargaining going on, amidst the busy vendors and buyers.

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