Travellers on the lookout for luxury hotel resorts in strategic location across Thailand should look to none other than Anantara Hotels. With a host of elegant hotels scattered across the country’s tourist hotspot this reputed name in hospitality pulls out all the stops when it comes to vacationing in style.

Tipped to be some of the hot pick items one must bring home as treasures souvenirs of a vacation in Thailand the length and breadth of Thai traditional crafts is impressive to say the least. As in integral part of its heritage and local culture Thai artistry has become the poster child for Asian art and Buddhist art in recent decades. Elaborate and vividly realized the traditional art forms are passed down from generation to generation in Thailand and the ever growing popularity of the exquisite items created by skilled artisans means the future of Thai crafts is bright.

Colourful and refines Thai silks are must-have items for shoppers scouring the streets of Bangkok and beyond. Made famous by the likes of Jim Thompson the keepsake fabric is manufactured in a number of villages renowned for weaving. Raw silk is an intrinsic component of the Thai weaving heritage while visitors prefers the multicoloured and dyed “Ikat” weave where the weaving technique also creates a design. Batik is another equally popular traditional fabric craft that is popular across Thailand and revered across the world for its interesting blend of patterns and colour. Everything from sarongs to dresses made using the unique dyeing technique are available in specialty stores devoted to the art form along with decorative pieces that are used as wall hangings and bedding.

Traditional decorative crafts in the country are including bronze ware that has been manufactured in the Asian nation since time immemorial. Typically depicting various religious figures and Hindu gods or cultural icons such as Thai performers and elephants the intricately moulded and carved pieces are speak volumes of the skill of local artisans. As the most popular metal for decorative arts bronze ornaments and figurines are hot favourites among collectors as well. Laquerware on the other hand originated from northern Thailand with fold and black lacquer used to highlight wooden household wares and jewellery containers.

Created using techniques that were in use in centuries past Thai ceramics are synonymous with Celadon pieces that exhibit the grace and refinement of china’s jade masterpieces. Detailed and elaborate ancient techniques such as The Benjarong are used by artisans to create timeless pieces in ceramic.

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