To be classified as an ideal shopping destination certain criteria needs to be met. An enjoyable shopping experience, easy and affordable city travel, value for money and variety of merchandise and interesting city experiences are among them. While Colombo may not meet all criteria, the city has always provided shopping experiences quintessentially its own. It has always been one of the best places to shop for gems, jewellery, tea, handloom fabrics, batiks, antiques and handicrafts. Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts some of the most prominent Sri Lanka hotels offer different experiences to guests at diverse locations.


As far as getting around is concerned Colombo is pretty easy to navigate. It has a well maintained modern road network, plentiful cheap transport options from buses, tuk tuks to taxis big and minute and a suburban train network. Central Colombo is small enough to be covered on foot. Where shopping experiences are concerned the city has its share of modern malls full of the requisite brands in a range of merchandise. However the most original products are to be found in smaller establishments. Many of these specialize in locally manufactured merchandise such as gems, jewellery, varieties of tea, designer clothing, lingerie, handloom fabrics, batiks, antiques, handicrafts, furniture, artworks and ceramic ware. They offer modern designs, are mostly reasonably priced and many items are handmade and are one of a kind. Jewellery and clothing can even be made to order. Bargains are found mostly during sales on the approach of various festivals at least four times a year and many department stores also mark prices down at the end of each month. Additionally local credit card companies and online marketing companies have excellent offers on many products. Some department stores are known for their consistently low prices on clothing for the whole family and home ware and are always crowded with shoppers as a result. Colombo also has shopping precincts that emanate an air of old world elegance and shoppers here can not only enjoy upscale shopping experiences but varied dining experiences as well. The range of accommodation catering to shoppers is many and varied. They include hotels of all star classes, serviced apartments and other options to suit any budget. Where dining and entertainment is concerned, Colombo has to be one of the cheapest places around. Its bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants serve a range of beverages and cuisines and are open till late. Many offer live music. The city’s many excellent spas offer relaxing massages and treatments to sooth tired limbs after a long day of pavement pounding.


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