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Often described as one of the must-visit highlights on a tour of Thailand the island of Koh Kret or Ko Kred as its locally known is a favourite day trip option for seasoned visitors to the Thai capital. Located within 20km of Bangkok the island is one of the many islands occupying the Chao Phraya River. A part of the Nonthaburi Province the island lays claim to a proud historic legacy that stretches as far back as 1722. With the Mon tribes as its main inhabitants the venue is renowned for its Buddhist identity as well as the exquisite pottery items created in the island.

Vastly different from the metropolitan landscapes of Bangkok Koh Kret is a pastoral village in many respects with wooden housing and ancient temple ruins dominating its confines. Renowned for its pottery the venue is synonymous with Mon Pottery or the Kwan Arman pottery variety which mainly consists of unglazed red clay pottery creations adorned with elaborate carvings. Considered a Thai traditional craft icon across the world the rustic appeal of the red clay pottery is tipped to be the most attractive variety of unglazed pottery in the country. Inexpensive and utterly unique visitors can purchase small pots or ornamental pieces at the many pottery shops littering the village. Available in every conceivable shape and form the charming and ornate items are also prized keepsakes among collectors and pottery enthusiasts. Candle holders and incense dispensers are especially popular among seasoned visitors to the island.

More than 20 specialty pottery workshops are found on Koh Kret while visitors can also witness artisans creating pottery items on kilns across the island. The Kwan Aman Pottery Museum is another highlight for visitors touring Koh Kret as the institution documents the history of the Mon community and its ancient handicraft legacy as well as the proud heritage of the island’s pottery manufacturing prowess.

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