Faneuil Hall is located near Boston’s waterfront and Government Center in Massachusetts. Today it is a market place and since 1742 it has also served as a meeting hall.

Artist John Smibert was responsible for the original Faneuil Hall which was built between the periods of 1740–1742. It was built in an old English country market style, it has an assembly room above, and a ground floor which is open. The structure was funded by a wealthy merchant by the name of Peter Faneuil, hence the name.

The Faneuil Hall is a historically significant venue for famous speeches delivered by statesmen such as Samuel Adams and James Otis, during the fight for independence from Great Britain. Today it is also part of the National Historical Park and if one ventures down the freedom trail it is a common stop and is also known as the ‘Cradle of Liberty’.

So what of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace? Well Faneuil Hall itself has now developed into what is now known as a festival marketplace. This area comprises of three buildings built out of granite.

They are Quincy Market, the North and West markets. These buildings function as an eatery as well as a mall which, they were first managed by a company called the Rouse. Due to the success of the establishment in the 1970’s, it prompted similar markets to be opened around the US.

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