The local market of the Male city can be found when walking just a block away from the fish market. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the fish market, the local market is a more laid back space with vendors and their products. Maldivians flock to the site to pick up the freshest ingredients and groceries for their daily use while tourists can be seen sampling tropical fruit and unique Maldivian food types.

An array of local produce of the atolls can be found as well as fresh, imported products. Other specialties to note would be packs of local sweetmeats that make good gifts to take back home. Maldivian short eats are also a specialty item to sample. Known as ‘hedika’, they are usually spicy and sweet. Bis Keemiyaa is one such short eat, made with a spicy filling and covered in smooth dough. The dough is then shaped and deep fried. It is delicious and perfect with an ice-cold drink while languidly exploring Male.

Divided into a number of stalls, the local market is a fascinating sight to witness. Its atmosphere, known for its peaceful nature, is enhanced by the soft green lighting that is illuminated by the fine green mesh surrounding the market’s doors and windows. Travellers will enjoy traversing around the pathways, as gentle green rays are filtered through its tiny holes. Other than local vegetables, the local market is also known for selling a wide variety of yams, fruits, breadfruit chips, nuts and pickles. Famously known for hanging bunches of bananas from its ceiling beams, the local market also sells dried and smoked fish.

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