Whether you’re enamoured by gorgeous old-world facades restored with a modern twist, exquisitely shoppable recreation complexes, cruising fairytale tributaries of the misty mountain-clad Yangtze River, or passing through buildings on a metro train, Chongqing is full of heightened sensory experiences. Here are some vivacious enclaves for unforgettable retail therapy!


Jiefangbei Business District

While Chongqing is a vibrant treasury of fascinations, from underwater museums and photogenic geological parks to imperial alleyways and artisan galleries, Jiefangbei is a must-visit for ardent rummagers who have a soft spot for high-end local and international brands, bountiful markets selling quality wholesale items, and delightful warrens of handicraft stores showcasing traditional Chinese arts, from graceful paper fans and elaborately embroidered articles to lush Tuija brocade and timeless bamboo pieces. If you’re looking for outstanding apartments in Chongqing proffering prime access to thriving urban hotspots, venture no further than the likes of Ascott Raffles City Chongqing.

Shapingba Three Gorges Square

Despite its glamorous frame of neon-lit skyscrapers, the breathtaking Three Gorges Square is an oasis of sorts with its landscaped gardens and stunning new-age sculptures harmonising with heritage-rich influences. Here, you can join the crowds of university students and experiential shoppers in seeking out the classy avenues of edutainment, artistry, and boutique hopping.

Nanping Business District

Despite its commercial name, Nanping exudes a laid-back atmosphere for shoppers with a charming vintage ambience threading through its glitz of cutting-edge department stores, shopping malls, and entertainment hubs.

Guanyinqiao Walking Street

Yet another walkable promenade lined with tantalising temptations, from exclusive brands and exotic eateries to mega supermarkets and irresistible discount stores, this prosperous retail realm will leave you spoilt for choice!