Riverside shopping in Bangkok should be included in the ‘must do list’ of an antique lover. This area is a well known place for antiquities, ceramics, and art galleries. Bangkok being the capital of Thailand is the largest urban area of the country. Being a city where smiles and fun over flow it entertains the residents and the visitors to their heart’s content. Many locals and foreigners come to Bangkok, making the sole purpose of their visit shopping. With the sky-high shopping malls, hustle and bustle of the famous market areas, shopping here is an experience of a life time for everyone.

When it comes to shopping at the riverside, River City and OP Place, tops the list of the best shopping stores, where you can start your shopping tour. River City Shopping Complex known as the largest antiques and arts center in Southeast Asia is a paradise for antique collectors. If you are looking for ancient Buddha images, porcelain, pottery, ceramics, intricate wood carvings, gold and silver ornaments and many other wonders from around the world this shopping complex will be a better choice for you. In addition to that, River City has a place where you can get a traditional Thai massages and foot reflexology.

Oriental Plaza, popularly known as OP, is the next shopping destination that will help to quench the thirst for antiquities of a shopaholic. The vintage style architecture and the manually operated elevator is reminiscent of the ancient glory of the city. Galleries and antiquities shops in different floors of this building eases the rush. Ashwood Gallery is one of the places in Oriental Plaza anyone shouldn’t miss. It houses works that ranges from Burmese alabaster sculptures from 19th century to Japanese and Chinese prints. If you just walk around the area you’ll be able to find plenty of jewellary shops and export trade specialized shops as well.

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