Shanghai has become a classical fashion destination for shoppers and models as well as a ritzy business town. Most shopaholics come into the city looking for a short stay apartment in Shanghai while they go about perusing branded items.

Shopping in Shanghai

Places to go Shopping in Shanghai

1. Nanjing Road

China’s No. 1 commercial centre, Nanjing road is 5.5 km long and was the first commercial street to be situated in Shanghai. There are 360 malls, various boutique and department stores, restaurants etc and is frequented by over 1.5 million customers every day.

2. Huaihai Road

Established in 1901, Huaihai road is 6 km long and was christened for the Huaihai Battle during the Liberation of China. Just like Nanjing road it has become a symbol of Shanghai’s prosperity. There are many resorts located in this road including Ascott Huai Hai Road Shanghai.

3. Yuyuan Market

Yuyuan Bazaar is an ancient street that connects Old Street, also known as Chenghuangmiao. With 200,000 visitors every day, this street is mostly known for street food.

4. Xintiandi

Xintiandi is car-free with many eateries and places of entertainment. There’s a whole section of olden day stone gatehouses that have been lovingly restored as well as a super mall equipped with a cinema and many cafés which serve both outdoors and indoors.

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