Nanjing Street has been a shopping street for the last century and is the perfect place to see how much history has shaped Shanghai over the years.

Explore the Shopping Scene

There are over 600 shops, malls and department stores on Nanjing Road that have replaced the traditional shops that used to crowd the streets in the past. There are also international class hotels and hotel apartments like Ascott Heng Shan Shanghai.

Have a Snack

There are some great snack stores on Nanjing Road where you can taste authentic Chinese snacks and Shanghai cuisine. You can also buy souvenirs to take back home with you. Some of the dishes to look for on Nanjing Road are traditional snacks like mooncakes, cured crab and mud snails, smoked fish and meat buns, wontons and traditional Chinese festival food.

Take the Tram

If you are planning to look for short term accommodation in Shanghai and are staying locally, take some time to explore Nanjing Road on the vintage Dangdang tram. The entire journey will take about 10 minutes. As the tram goes slow you can watch the street scene in comfort from your seat.

See the Night Views

At night the neon street signs, the lit-up street and stores make for some beautiful sights. Perfect for a nice night-time stroll.

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