Shopping, for some, is a bit of an adventure. Popping in from shop to shop, the excitement of what lies next, the thrill of discovering some great sales and the joy of seeing so many bags your arms is pure bliss!- for some of course as there is also the kind to whom shopping is an absolute bore. London, the great capital of the British Empire is a place where both types of these people the shopaholics and the not-so-shopaholics will find paradise. Why? Thanks to these three amazing department stores that make shopping so exciting as well as easy as pie!

Liberty London

Liberty London | Photo by visitlondon

If the exterior of this place doesn’t blow away your mind, the interior will definitely will. At Liberty London, you are at absolute liberty to shop as you please. This department store is situated in a prime location close to all the touristy attractions such as the Westminister Abbey and many a luxury Junefair hotel the likes of the COMO Metropolitan London. The extravagant lifts, the glamorous perfume halls and the enticing chocolate emporium are just a few of the interesting features of Liberty London.

Dover Street Market


The New Dover street Market | photo by StyleZeitgeist

Is your sense of style more edgy and sophisticated? Then the Dover Street Market is for you. Also called the DSM in short, this is the brainchild of the world-renowned Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme Des Garcons and the undisputed queen of fashion’s avant-garde. The interiors are as quirky as the merchandise and make you feel like you’re at a modern art gallery. In addition to all of the 14 Comme brands, DSM also features others such as Maison Margiela and Molly Goddard.


The Denim Studio | photo by selfridges

There is no doubt that this is London city’s most innovative of department stores. A prime example of its ultra modernity would be its denim studio where you will find an impressive interactive display that’s 6 feet in height and allows customers to sit back and browse through the jeans collection online at complete relaxation! Selfridges London is all about what’s new and what’s trendy. For example, one of the most spectacular of its highlights would be the 37,000-square-foot Body Studio, where you will find top-notch activewear and an exclusive health café that’s a joined venture with the celebrity clean-eating gurus- Hemsley + Hemsley.