Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland in Australia and is a popular city amongst tourist who visit this part of the country. Being the busy city it is there are countless choices for accommodation. However a growing majority of people prefer to stay in Brisbane Service Apartments as these ensure maximum privacy and convenience at the same time. A popular choice of serviced apartments of such nature has been, Oaks Charlotte towers. Categorized as a five star accommodation these apartments offer nothing but sheer luxury at your convenience. There are several well appointed options of apartments to choose from based on the number of rooms.

Brisbane has so many activities as well as attraction for those visiting. One of the popular activities among tourist has been shopping. The Queen Street Mall is considered to be the heart of the shopping activities in Brisbane. The atmosphere here is exciting as well as relaxing as there is no need to dodge traffic to get around the 500 plus stores on offer. One end of the mall is home to the Winter garden Shopping center which sells Australian as well as international labels of clothing, jewelry, footwear as well as accessories. At top of the mall one could find Brisbane’s largest shopping center, the Myer Center. Consisting of five levels, this shopping center is where one could find pretty much everything.

A shopping experience in a new city would never be complete without visits to the local markets. One of the popular markets in Brisbane is the South Bank Markets. One of the best bets to find the best of local arts and crafts, fresh produce, clothing and these markets also have some great choices of cafes and eateries.

There are also various other attractions around Brisbane such as the botanical gardens which is in very close proximity to the mall.

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