Progressing rapidly through the ages, the city of Colombo has developed from just a seaport for trade to a cinnamon estate and finally transforming into a wonderful city. Colombo was named as the capital of Ceylon by the British.

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Colombo at present

Known as the main business hub in the small island of Sri Lanka, a bunch of high-rise buildings and construction sites is what you see at a glance. But, there is so much more to this amazing city and it’s only continuing to get better with the latest cosmopolitan wave that has hit the city. Colombo boasts fancy apartment buildings, malls and exciting nightlife too!

City living

The city of Colombo has been bombarded with foreign investments lately and is in the process of evolving into an unrivalled urban city in Sri Lanka. Living in Colombo has turned into a sophisticated yet enthralling experience for locals. Upcoming smart apartments like TRI-ZEN are boosting living standards by reaching greater heights of quality and convenience through technology.

A fashionable city

Chic hotels line the coast of Colombo equipped with modern amenities keeping up to date with the trends in the world. A city is not complete without the many high-class restaurants and fad malls selling all kinds of branded items.

What does ODEL offer?

The stark white building with the arched entrance to the promenade certainly makes this department store easily identifiable! Initiated in the humblest manner, ODEL has now grown into a beautiful white swan much like the city of Colombo itself! Offering some of the best brands, international restaurants, bars and even a foot spa, ODEL is renowned for its world-class facilities for tourists.




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