The city of Brisbane is known as a vibrant hub for those seeking new experiences, artistic hot spots and unique locations. Situated in Fortitude Valley, amid markets, art houses and several Holiday Apartments in Brisbane, like the contemporary Oaks Aurora; is just one of those unique locations you must visit. The Chinatown mall is a popular spot that draws big crowds to the sights, sounds and smells of this bustling center. A traditional red and gold Chinese gate with two magnificent 320 kilogram stone guard-lions on either side, lead the way to Chinatown mall. The lions were gifts from the Chinese government and are said to ward off evil spirits and symbolise friendship.

As you pass through the gate, you’re immediately hit with the delicious aromas of exotic ingredient wafting around you, as dozens of vendors and restaurants present a wide variety of Chinese cuisine to savour. The sounds of sizzling stir-fry’s, heavy cleavers artfully dicing vegetables and the aromatic steam of Yum Cha cooking in bamboo baskets can be experienced at nearly every corner. It’s extremely popular on weekends when friends and families in the local community gather to partake in the varieties of authentic Asian dining options it has to over.

Chinatown is filled with all the impressive oriental architecture, patterns and colours, and the Chinatown mall embodies all of those to deliver a treat to the sense of anyone walking through the area. A nice touch here is the street signs that show both Chinese and English letters, adding a more homely feel to the neighborhood. The mall is bristling with energy of shoppers who come to enjoy the weekend markets and events, where you can find a wide range of bargain items and souvenirs. Brisbane’s Chinese New Year celebrations also take place here and are a sight to behold, with traditional dragons dancing through the streets.

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