Hong Kong is acknowledged globally as a shopper’s paradise with a wide spectrum of goods ranging from the discounted to designer brands. Mongkok is Hong Kong’s most congested shopping and residential area and is located in the Yan Tsim Mong District in the Kowloon Peninsula. Mongkok is one of the most densely populated areas of the globe and the Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Mongkok as the busiest place on earth. In addition to great shopping, Mongkok offers vibrant and colourful ‘peoplescapes’. Mongkok’s labyrinth of streets are a mix of the old and new with multi storied buildings housing shops and eateries at street level and residential /commercial units on the upper stories. In Mongkok, a group of merchants will sell one type of product on a single street. The term budget hotel in Hong Kong encompasses not only hotels with budget amenities but also those with high level amenities at affordable rates. Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong with its many classy amenities and thoughtful service would be a good option in accommodation.

Late afternoon would be the best time to seek the delights of Mongkok. Try the Trendy Zone on Nathan Street for clothes, sneakers, stuffed toys, watches, cartoon merchandise and much more. Though the target market are younger teens there is something for all ages. The CTMA Centre/Toy Mart located on Sai Yeung Choice Street South offers many choices in collectible toys, figures, micro toy sets and other products ranging from clothes to stationary.

Digital and technological aficionados can shop till they drop at Sim City which offers all things digital and techno including second hand products. An endless display of shoes and sneakers on Sneaker Street range from limited edition to discounted. Ladies Market offers a variety of shoes, handbags, jewellery etc., Langham Place is the one stop mall for clothes, beauty products food and much more.

The eateries of Mongkok provide a cosmopolitan range of food both at budget and up market levels. Visits to the Sai Yee Street Garden and the Tung Wah Museum would be worthwhile.

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