Besides the glorious beach stretch and the iconic colonial architecture, Galle has quite a decent shopping scene. From souvenirs to gems, tea, and spices the city’s got all you want.

Here are a few places you would want to drop by to collect everything you want before heading back.

Shoba Display Gallery

This is a small store with beautiful handmade lacework. The shop teaches locals the art of lace making. You may be able to get a few lessons by paying 2000LKR.

Stick no bills

Stick no bills is a small boutique store selling stylish posters for about 3000 LKR and postcards for about 300 LKR. Stunning vintage airline images, the glorious destinations of the country are included in these posters.

Withered Leaves

This is one of the best places to get tea in Galle. You may pick from a wide selection blended teas, Ceylon Garden teas, single estate teas and good quality green and white teas as served in most boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

Old Railway

If you are looking to do some last minute clothes shopping this is the place for you. You may pick from a diverse selection of bags, clothes, jewelry and even toys.


This is a hip store with local clothing in vibrant colours, arts, and crafts, rugs and linens. This is the perfect place for guests staying in surrounding accommodation such as Mosvold Hotels to come and explore the exclusive local products and take home a part of the island culture.

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