Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is a thrilling adventure destination where visitors will find endless entertainment buzzing through its streets all day. Dominated by one of the tallest sky scrapers in the world, it is also a favorite shopping destination for locals and international tourists from all across the globe, experiencing different cultures. The Central Market in Jaland Hang Kasturi is one such shopping center where visitors can witness Malaysian culture, art and craft.

Located close to Petaling Street, the Central Market was created in 1888 and was a wet market at first and was later converted into the present building, completed in 1937. It has been selected as a Heritage Site and is considered a prominent landmark for Malaysian culture and heritage. Take a walk through the market and explore the multiethnic stalls that are on display, giving visitors a taste of the cultural differences present in various races in Malaysia. The new zone is distinctly separated by three lanes, namely the Lorong Melayu, Lorong India and Straits Chinese. Furthermore, the Malacca Jonker Street has Baba-Nyona styled buildings, a Batik Emporium containing famous designer labels and also the best local batik items ranging from bags, clothes, shoes and many more. Travelers seeking local handicrafts or a custom-made craft can easily find or place orders at the Emporium.
Visitors, who may fancy a self- portrait, will be delighted at the opportunity to have one painted in the small art outlets amidst the stalls.

Outside the Central Market, enjoy the riverside amphitheater, various cotemporary entertainments such as traditional dance performances and shadow puppet shows known as ‘wayang kulit’ are enacted. Take an exciting trip to this exciting destination and grab a bite from the various outlets serving delicious delicacies.

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