Ibn Battuta Mall is famous for its six themed-courts that are based on the different parts of the world traversed by Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan explorer, during the 14th century. Located within a 10-metre walking distance from Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai via Garden Crossroad, it is indeed a splendid lifestyle destination in which you can spend some time during your stay at one of the Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai hotels.

Themed Courts

At Ibn Battuta Mall, you will come across six courts that are based on Persia, India, Egypt, Andalusia, China, and Tunisia. What’s incredible about these themed regions is the fact that its visitors can witness intriguing facets of each country from the massive pyramids in Egypt to the arabesque design of Persian court’s dome.


Shopping enthusiasts will have the time of their life at Ibn Battuta Mall; here, one can find everything from fashion accessories and home appliances to sports equipment and the latest consumer electronics. Plus, one could even shop for last-minute gifts too!

Dining Options

Ibn Battuta Mall has some of the best restaurants in Dubai – they are great for family dinners and even to stop by your friends to grab a quick bite.

Other Services

On all days of the week, this mall offers valet parking at both its ends. And there’s also a shuttle service available, letting you conveniently travel from one end of the mall to the other.