When one plans a trip to Dubai, shopping at the biggest mall in the world will definitely be on the list of places to explore. To know how you can do so like a pro, read on.

Image via pixahive

About the Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is known to be the largest such place in the world. You can find this mall in Financial Centre Street, right next to Burj Khalifa. Since it is a popular tourist attraction, you will find many hotels near the Palm Dubai area the likes of Avani Palm View Dubai.

Walking in

The Dubai mall is home to more than 1200 retail stores and statistics say that the mall has about fifty-four million people visiting it annually. Thus, this will be the ultimate destination if you want to get some shopping done when in Dubai.


Just like its neighbour Burj Khalifa, the mall is an amazing work of architecture too. The place is a mix of literally everything on earth. Treated like a blend of designs and influences from all over the world, each and every corner of the mall will remind you of a culture or a part of the world.


Just like a shopper’s dream come true, the place is also a treasure hove for the lover of food. Everything from Chinese to French, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisine can be had here. After a lovely day of shopping from the most popular brands in the world, you can refresh yourself by having some yummy dishes and cold drinks at the restaurants and cafes here.