A city with undeniable history, Kyoto is one of Japan’s most bustling hubs of trade and features a blend of options for the avid shopper. With modern shopping complexes interspersed with traditional craftsmanship stores of a long and storied history, there is much to quench the desires of any nature be it specialty foods or a large selection of electronics and clothing.

Nishiki Market

Affectionately referred to as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, the Nishiki Market is a place that should definitely be on anyone’s list, as it is a microcosm of daily life in Kyoto and host to a sprawling network of over a hundred stalls. It is a short walking distance from certain hotels such as the Travelodge Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi, making it convenient and a visitor should be able to find many items encompassing fresh produce, kitchen equipment, confectionaries, and more.

AEON Mall Kyoto Gojo

One of the largest malls in Kyoto, the AEON Mall hosts a large variety of shops for varied choices among its visitors. In comparison to its local flavor, this mall has more on the international side of things, whether it’s food or consumer brands. Only a few hundred meters from Kyoto station, the mall is accessible for travelers staying in hotels in Downtown Kyoto.

Ippodo Tea Shop

For traditional Japanese teas – look no further than the Ippodo, a tea shop with almost three centuries of history and top-grade teas such as matcha, sencha, and bancha. It also has many traditional tea utensils, and its popularity is such that it extends across the ocean to open branches in New York. Don’t forget to visit the Kaboku tearoom for a glimpse into the Japanese tea ceremony!

Kizakura Shop

The store outlet of the famous sake brewery, Kizakura, is located in their Kappa Country shopping mall, and here is where one would go to indulge in the purchase of limited-edition sake and craft beer. They also have a special serving area where one can go to sample the sake on offer, and is a must-visit for those curious about local spirits and alcohol-related souvenirs.


For tokens of prosperity and good luck charms, there lies Fukunoya, a store that specializes in trinkets and ornaments and makes great gifting souvenirs for colleagues or loved ones. Key-rings, maneki-neko, and other colorful baubles are popular choices for travelers and tourists looking for memorable, adorable gifts.