Surviving quarantine in Hong Kong can be excruciating. Here’s how you can turn an agonising 2-3 weeks into a fruitful, energising experience.

Develop a routine
The key to surviving quarantine in Hong Kong is to put in place a daily routine. Adjust to the time zone quickly by maintaining consistent sleeping cycles. Set goals for each day and ensure you follow through on them. When planning your trip, ensure you find a hotel in Hong Kong with hygiene measures in place. There are several hotels designated as quarantine hotels in Hong Kong, including Dorsett Mongkok.

Pack some snacks
While most quarantine hotels in Hong Kong provide meals, it is recommended that you take some snacks or goodies such as biscuits, crisps, chocolate, or even cereal. You can also consider having food delivered to your hotel via food delivery apps.

Stay fit
Hotel rooms may be restricted in space, but all you need is to move in some way. Whether it be dance, yoga, or simple workout routines, get moving; your physical and mental health depends on it. Why not also try meditation or a relaxation app to ease your mind and soul?

Keep in touch
Stay in touch with family and friends through social media or a good old fashioned phone call. Alternatively, journal your experience via text or video and share it.

Change up the entertainment
Binge-watching Netflix certainly makes time fly. However, you could consider ditching the screen and reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, or learning a language instead.

Discover five simple tips on surviving quarantine in Hong Kong that will help you stay positive, sane and energised, mind, body and soul.