Sri Lanka is not solely about precious gems, Ayurvedic treatments, and beautiful handlooms. The bustling capital of Colombo showcases splendid shopping places to get a healthy dose of retail therapy!

Shopping in Colombo| Img by: Amila Tennakoon via FlickrCC BY 2.0

Paradise Market

Paradise Road contains an excellent collection of products, including simple yet splendid house linen as well as plates and mugs that have been painted by hand. Other highlights include a selection of canvas bags imprinted with the letters of the Sinhalese alphabet and the exquisitely created pillow covers. This place is easily accessible from many a hotel in Wattala the likes of Pegasus Reef Hotel which is a 28-minute drive.

Good Market

If you appreciate genuine organic products the place to go in Colombo would be Good Market. At this shop in the city, you will find an excellent range of many different kinds of organic products, including everything from produce to snacks and hair and skin treatments.

Barefoot Garden Cafe and Shop

This attractive establishment in Colombo is frequented by a multitude of tasteful shoppers. The main focus of Barefoot is the production of hand-woven cotton and silk clothing that are styled with authentic Sri Lankan motifs along with other interesting themes.

The Design Collective

If you are interested in cutting-edge fashion creations, take the opportunity to experience the inventive Design Collective. Modern fashion designers are a special breed in Colombo, with many talented designers continuing to join the city’s fashion scene.



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